October 16, 2022

A Song About the Burden of Betrayal

The big idea of this week's message is that Psalm 55 instructs us to cast all of our burdens upon the Lord, especially the burden of betrayal. Pastor Phill encourages us to not read Psalm 55 alone, but to read it collectively with Psalms 52-55 and to read it within its historical context in the life of David and to read it canonically within the context of the whole bible. However, most importantly we should not read, sing, or use Psalm 55 alone, but we should learn to cast our burdens upon the Lord with one another and with Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ read and sang this Psalm, but he also fulfilled its message when he was betrayed by his disciples and entrusted himself to his Father.

Discussion Questions:

  1. What is the importance of regularly engaging in deep meaningful relationships with the body of Christ?
  2. What are aspects of our lives that keep us from having deep and meaningful relationships?
  3. What would be the reason to read Psalm 55 not just alone but with other psalms? How does it impact our walk with God? How does that impact our minds and heart as we read it as a collection?
  4. How does the story of David help us to understand Psalm 55? How does the story of David help us understand more of who God is?
  5. How does Psalm 55 help us see aspects of the OT and/or the NT?
  6. How do we or what does it look like to read Psalm 55 with others in the church?
  7. What keeps us from reading the word together and casting our burden to the Lord together?
  8. In what ways does reading the word and sharing brothers and sisters help our souls and walk with God?
  9. In what ways did Jesus embody Psalm 55? In what ways can he help us follow his example?
  10. Have you ever felt alone, betrayed, or not trusted? How does this psalm and the example of Jesus help us know God and trust God with our circumstances?
  11. How does this psalm teach us to forgive? What keeps us from forgiving others? What helps us to obey and forgive?
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