April 24, 2022

The Gospel and Prayer

Passage: Philippians 1:1-11

Pastor Phill Howell begins a new preaching series focusing on Paul’s letter to the Philippians. Expositing Philippians 1:1-11, the big idea this week is that the gospel changes our priorities which are reflected in our prayers. The passage answers why Paul prays, what Paul prays, and how Paul prays. Followers of Jesus Christ pray selflessly which is only possible by the gospel of His kingdom and His affectionate love for us all. The scripture reading from our worship service was from Acts 16:25-34.
Discussion Questions:
1. What does it look like for us to live as citizens of heaven to live out the gospel?
2. How does the gospel make us mature in our faith?
3. How have you seen the gospel change yours or other’s priorities?
4. How have you seen God use prayer to change your priorities?
5. What kind of partnership in the gospel is Paul talking about? What would it look like for you to have this partnership in your life?
6. How have you seen God provide for you and others in your life? Do you respond regularly with thanks for this provision?
7. How can we engage in friendship and with our finances with those who are preaching and teaching the gospel?
8. When you are in difficulties, do you follow Paul’s example while in prison, and pray for others and thank God for them? How do you respond in your difficulties?
9. How do you think it would impact your daily life if you had a perspective like Paul that dying would be a gain to your life?
10. Does your prayer reflect the desires of your heart? What kinds of things do you pray for?
11. What would it look like to pray “that even if my circumstances don’t change, praise be to God?” How would this impact your life?
12. What kind of requests does Paul pray while in prison? How would this impact you and others if you prayed like Paul in verses 9-11?
13. Have you ever struggled with doing the right thing more than your heart being changed by the gospel?
14. Do our prayers as a church reflect the gospel centrality? How does this impact our hearts and lives of a church?
15. Are you attending prayer meetings regularly? How has that impacted your life and heart?
16. Why does Paul pray for the advancement of the gospel?
17. In your prayers, are you regularly praying for those in this church to grow in their understanding of the gospel and filled with knowledge of the gospel?
18. How do you get the desire to love God more? How does your heart get changed to the priorities of the gospel?
19. How does our affection for God change our hearts?
20. What does it look like to have confidence in Christ’s completion of good works to the very end?
21. How do we work out our salvation?
22. Are there aspects of your life that are keeping you from believing that God transforms your life and others? How can we respond if we are struggling to believe this?
23. Do you regularly pray for the advancement of the gospel to the nations?
24. What would it look like for us to yearn and have affection for other brothers and sisters in Christ?

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