November 7, 2021

A Song About A Victorious King

Passage: Psalm 21:1-13

This week’s big idea is that the victory of the king results in praise by his people. Psalm 21 is the answers of prayer that were prayed in Psalm 20. These two psalms are twins and go together. This week’s message focused on how Jesus Christ is our king and he is the one for whom God has answered his prayers and delivered him with a great salvation. As a result of Jesus’ salvation, we are his people and we can rejoice in the benefits of his victory.

Discussion Questions:

1. What are the key words and themes that are the same in Psalms 20 and 21? In what ways do these psalms work together?
2. In what ways did does Psalm 21 relate to Jesus?
3. Since this Psalm is mostly about a king who lived thousands of years ago, how does Psalm 21 relate to Christians today?
4. What is the center of Psalm 21? Which verse stands out in the middle of the Psalm and how does it summarize the whole message of the Psalm?
5. What are some ways that we can be tempted to trust in ourselves and steal God’s glory?
6. What are good practices for cultivating a spirit of humility and gratitude for all that God is doing in our lives?
7. In what ways does our sin put us at enmity with God as his God’s enemies?
8. Why should we open our heart to allow God to surgically cut out the unbelief in our heart?

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