January 15, 2023

A Song About Ascensions

Passage: Psalm 68

Pastor Phill preaches this Sunday (Jan. 15, 2023) on Psalm 68. The 68th sermon in the Psalm series, the big idea this week is that Psalm 68 is a mash-up of three ascension marches of two earthly mountains that foreshadow one majestic ride into heaven.

The psalmist proclaims God to be the father of the fatherless, the presence for those who feel alone, and the ongoing gift to those who give to Him. Fulfilling the psalm, Jesus Christ descended to be crucified and descended again into death. In his resurrection, he then ascends from the grave and ascends into heaven. We can now experience his full presence on earth.

Scripture Readings:

  • Ephesians 4:7-16 (1st Reading)
  • Ephesians 2:4-5 (Assurance of Pardon)
  • Numbers 10:33-36 (2nd Reading)
  • Ephesians 3:20-21 (Benediction)

Discussion Questions:

  1. Who is it that leads the procession?
  2. What gift did He who ascended give?
  3. This psalm connects with several other passages. Which ones can you see? How do these passages help us further understand the meaning of this psalm?
  4. What does this psalm direct us to do with the gifts that we receive from God? How does this impact our relationship with God?
  5. How does it impact you knowing that God will conquer and defeat His enemies?
  6. How does God’s power work for His people?
  7. How does knowing the nobles from Egypt will praise God encourage our faith?
  8. Who is joining in the parade of the procession? How does this impact our relationship with God?
  9. How do we know whether or not we are part of the parade?
  10. How does God care for the weak and rejected people?
  11. How does God respond to the lonely?
  12. How does God care for the needy?
  13. What victory does God provide?
  14. How does Ephesians 4 teach us how to maintain unity and further help us understand Psalm 68?
  15. What is the significance that Ephesians 4 says “he gave gifts to me” instead of receiving gifts in Psalm 68? What is the purpose? How does it impact our intimacy with God?
  16. What gift does God give to us? What does His gift do for our lives and soul? How does this gift impact our daily lives?
  17. Who does God use to build God’s house? How does He build up the church?
  18. How does God’s word help us receive the gift of God’s presence?
  19. Why did Jesus leave us after He rose from the dead? How does this impact the church?
  20. How does Jesus leaving impact our daily lives on how we live?
  21. In what ways do you think that you can be more generous?
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