October 10, 2021

“A Song About David’s Deliverance”

Passage: Psalm 18:1-50

The big idea of this week's sermon from Psalms 18:1-50 is that David’s passionate praise is the result of perfection, promises, and protection. As the longest psalm attributed to David, it can be considered David’s magnum opus. Psalm 18, both in structure and in content, teaches us how to speak to God as delivered people who love Him. Ultimately, we see that our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ fulfills Psalm 18.

Discussion Questions:

1) How often do you say to God, “I love you?” How often do you sing to God, “I love you?”

2) Do you think we love God to the same degree to what we think we have been rescued from? Is it possible that we might love God little because we think we have been rescued from little?

3) How can we strengthen our souls to have passionate praise like David?

4) Has there been times in your or others’ lives where you cannot help but praise and share your love with God? What was taking place with God and in your life?

5) Do you have passionate love for God when you pray? If not, what do you think contributes to that?

6) What does it look like to have a life that praises God regularly?

7) What would it look like to regularly understand how much we have been saved from and sing praise? How would this impact our lives, our relationship with God, and our relationship with others?

8) What does it look like to praise God and rely upon God, for all He gives to live a life of righteousness and perfection?

9) What keeps us from trusting God to help us to live a holy life and leaning to Him for help?

10) How have you seen God’s promises to be true in your life and in the lives of others?

11) How have you seen God to be a rock in your life and/or the life of others?

12) How does David’s story of deliverance by God impact your/our relationship with God?

13) How has stories of salvation in the Bible impacted your relationship of salvation with God?

14) What does it look like to take refuge in Jesus regularly?

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