June 13, 2021

“A Song About Deliverance”

Passage: Psalm 3:1-8

The big idea of this week's sermon from Psalm 3:1-8 is that even in the most challenging moments of life we can have confidence in approaching the God of the Bible, the God known most fully in Jesus, because He is the God who rescues those who call out to Him in trust. In this Psalm, David moves from his reason for calling out to God for deliverance from his enemies, to his response of prayer, to the result, which is the confident trust that salvation comes from the Lord. By making this song a part of our communal and individual lives, may we learn to trust and call out to the Lord who rescues His people in the midst of hardship and trial.

Discussion Questions:
1) How does an individual lament result in corporate praise?
2) What does this Psalm teach us about God and how we get help from God?
3) Is there anything in your life that you're not allowing God or his people to help you with?
4) What is your response when you sin or have difficulties in your life?
5) What keeps you from coming to God when you sin?
6) In what areas of your life do you see anxieties over and over again?
7) What have been the results in the past when you've turned to God in your sorrow?
8) How does knowing that there is salvation in Jesus impact how we come to God in our sorrow?

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