October 23, 2022

A Song About Faith in the Face of Death

Passage: Psalm 56

Pastor Phill preaches this Sunday (October 23, 2022) on Psalm 56. The 56th sermon in the Psalm series, pastor Phill’s big idea this week is that even in the face of death, God’s word will transform our fear into faith and faithfulness. David reminds us of how an infinite and all-powerful God also intimately knows and loves His people. God’s Word became flesh, Jesus Christ, who after facing his own death, transforms believers today! The Scripture readings from our worship service were from 2 Corinthians 1:3-11, 1 Samuel 21:10-15, and Jude 24-25..

Discussion Questions:

  1. How have songs (or a particular song) been impactful in your walk with the Lord?
  2. What does the story of David and Goliath teach us about who God is in 1 Samuel?
  3. How have you seen God’s word change your or others’ fear into faith and faithfulness?
  4. How have you seen in times when people could be hurt by others either in the word or in yours or others’ live seen that there needs to be no need to fear but trust God?
  5. What is essential about having the word of God as the center of our lives?
  6. What can be the danger of having the knowledge of God’s word as the center of our lives?
  7. How can we know that we can trust the word of God?
  8. How have you seen God demonstrate His care for you or others in your life? How is God’s care communicated in the word?
  9. How does Jesus demonstrate God’s love and care for you?
  10. How have you seen God hold you and others fast in your life?
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