June 27, 2021

“A Song About God’s Enemies”

Passage: Psalm 5:1-12

The big idea of this week's sermon from Psalm 5:1-12 is that God loves the righteous, but he hates the wicked. While this message initially seems simple, this sermon explores three questions in an attempt to get at the heart of this idea: 1) Is this what Psalm 5 is really about? 2) Why is this a message in the Bible? 3) Who then is the Bible talking about? Through answering these three questions it becomes clear that the line between good and evil is not primarily drawn between individuals, rather it is a line that is drawn through each one of us, as those created in God's image yet tainted by corruption and sin. From this we learn the truth that it is through Jesus and his sacrificial death on our behalf that those who were wicked can become God's people and can rest in the abundance of his steadfast love.

Discussion Questions:
1) Do you use the Psalms regularly to guide your prayers?
2) Have you ever prayed for God to bring justice to the evil in the world? How has this impacted your relationship with God?
3) How does it impact your relationship with God to know that he hates those who do evil?
4) What are ways in which you have viewed God as you wanted rather than as he is revealed in the Bible? Has that changed? If so, how?
5) How does it impact you to know that the line between good and evil is down the middle of each individual?
6) Who are you in this Psalm, the righteous or the wicked? How do you know?
7) How have you seen God give you the power to change through repentance?
8) Which message did you receive from this Psalm, the love letter from God or the message of his hatred? Why do you think you received the one you did?

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