October 9, 2022

A Song About God’s Good Name

Passage: Psalm 54

Pastor Phill preaches this Sunday (October 9, 2022) on Psalm 54. The 54th sermon in the Psalm series, pastor Phill addresses this question: when does our prayer become our praise? We see that prayer becomes praise when we turn and ask God to save, when by faith we confidently know that God will save and hear our prayers, and when we behold the goodness of God’s name. As believers, we today can trust that we bear God’s name, the name of Jesus Christ. The Scripture readings from our worship service were from John 16:25-33, 1 Samuel 23:15-24, and 1 Peter 5:10-11.

Discussion Questions:

  1. What would be the reasons why we start and end our prayers “in Jesus’ name”?
  2. What is the third commandment in the OT about? “Do not take the Lord’s name in vain”
  3. When does prayer become praise in this psalm?
  4. What does this psalm teach us of how our prayers turn to praise?
  5. When you pray, are you asking God to save you? What do you think are reasons why you or others wouldn’t ask God to save you?
  6. What keeps you or others from turning to God in difficult circumstances?
  7. When does prayer become praise for David: before or after the answer?
  8. What do you think contributes to you or others not praising God in the midst of circumstances not changing when difficult?
  9. What if your life was lived on future victory of difficulties of the present or past? What would that look like?
  10. How can anyone be saved from their circumstances even in the midst of difficulty?
  11. When will your trouble turn you to be a prayer warrior? What would it take you for you to pray consistently?
  12. How does beholding God’s name turn your prayer to praise?
  13. What is the “it” that delivers David from his troubles in verse 6?
  14. What would you or others lives look like if you were beholding the name of the Lord your God?
  15. What do you think would help us to live out verse 4 and regularly behold the name of God?
  16. What is the theology of “the name of God”? What is significant in knowing the theology of “His name” in our walk with God?
  17. How does this psalm show that Exodus is in the background?
  18. What does it look like to “carry” or “take the name” of God with those around us?
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