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A Song About God's Goodness

The Songs of Our Savior

Preached by: Phill Howell | 02/20/22

Scripture/Text: Psalm 34:1-22; Pastor Phill Howell provides the 34th sermon of the Songs of the Savior series by expositing Psalm 34. The psalmist invites the people of God to join him in praising the LORD for delivering them from themselves. Pastor Phill states that the three reasons for the acrostic nature of Psalm 34 (and all acrostic psalms) are to communicate exhaustiveness, completeness, and orderliness. Psalm 34 also answers when God is good, how God is good, and who God is good to. Ultimately, Jesus Christ is the exhaustive, complete, and orderly expression of God's goodness; God is good all the time, and He is good to us, believers and followers of Jesus Christ. The scripture readings from our worship service were from 1 Peter 3:8-17, 4:18, and 2:1-3.