October 24, 2021

“A Song About God’s Speeches”

Passage: Psalm 19:1-14

The big idea of this week's sermon from Psalm 19:1-14 is that God’s speech brings life and joy to those who seek Him. Psalm 19 presents the speech of creation (v. 1-6), of God (v. 7-11), and of man (v. 12-14). Psalm 19, like all the other psalms, point us to a greater David: Jesus Christ.

Discussion Questions:

1) How does creation communicate who God is? What does it communicate?

2) How does the sky communicate who God is?

3) Is there anything we can learn from the heavens?

4) How does creation speak to us about how we are spiritually blind and spiritually in need?

5) What things in our lives keep us from looking to God in the sky?

6) How do we know whether or not we are worshipping the creation instead of the Creator?

7) How does the knowledge of the sun and the universe bring us to awe in God? What does it teach us?

8) What does it look like for us to regularly meditate on His word? How have you seen that impact your relationship with God?

9) How do we respond to God when we fall into sin?

10) How have you seen God’s word impact sin in your life?

11) What does it look like to have God’s word be the sweetest thing you long for?

12) What is your response to God’s word in Psalm 19?

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