A Song About God's Thunderous Word

The Songs of Our Savior

Preached by: Phill Howell | 01/16/22

Scripture/Text: Psalm 29:1-11; Pastor Phill Howell provides the 29th sermon of the Songs of the Savior series by expositing Psalm 29. Pastor Phill provides two big ideas this week. The first is that everyone, on earth and in heaven, was created to give God praise. The second big idea is that we should praise Him because His voice thunders from His thrown and brings blessing to His people. The psalmist David draws his readers back to the creation account in Genesis 1 and the flood narrative in Genesis 6-9 while exalting the powerful voice of the LORD. Jesus Christ carries the same powerful voice as Jesus is the LORD! The scripture readings from our worship service were from Mark 4:35-41 and 2 Corinthians 13:11.