December 12, 2021

A Song About God’s Ways

Passage: Psalm 25:1-22

Pastor Phill Howell continues the Songs of the Savior series by proclaiming the nature of God’s ways and His will as depicted in Psalm 25. As the lines in Psalm 25 are written in alphabetical order (acrostic) in biblical Hebrew, Pastor Phill’s big idea is that God’s ways are available, believable, certain, durable, eternal, faithful, generational, higher, infinite, just, kind, loving, and merciful. Listeners are encouraged to meditate on Psalm 25 and finish describing God’s will and ways from N to Z! The scripture readings from our worship service were from Hebrews 8:6-13 and Revelation 1:5-8. We read these passages to show that Jesus Christ, the new covenant, is the Alpha and the Omega.

Discussion Questions:

1. How would you know whether or not you are too focused on knowing the will of God instead of knowing God Himself?

2. What does it look like in our daily lives to pursue getting to know God?

3. How do we learn God’s ways?

4. What do you think keeps us from believing and trusting God’s ways?

5. What do you think it looks like to wait for God when we are learning His ways? What keeps us from waiting? What are we wanting more than waiting for God?

6. How have you seen God faithful and in the lives of others?

7. What does it look like to pass on trusting Jesus from generation to generation?

8. Have you had afflictions in your life that you have had no control over that have impacted your life? What does it look like to trust God amidst those afflictions?

9. Have you ever felt like you are a mistake? How do we know that the truth is that God doesn’t make mistakes?

10. How have you seen what others have meant for evil that God has meant for good?

11. Does your sin mess up the will of God? How do you know?

12. What is Isaiah 55:8-9 teaching us about who God is?

13. How do you see God’s ways being higher than the world’s ways?

14. How does God respond to sin? How does this impact how we engage with God in our sin?

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