May 30, 2021

“A Song About Happiness”

Passage: Psalms 1 & 2

The big idea of this week's sermon from Psalms 1 & 2 is that these first two Psalms together provide a doorway into understanding the entire book of Psalms. The Psalms are the songs of our Savior, Jesus, because they are both the songs that he himself sang and prayed, as well as because the Psalms are songs which are most ultimately about Jesus, God's true righteous King. The Psalms teach us how to pray, they shape us as they lead us through meditations on the instruction of God, and they center our lives by pointing us to God, the one from whom all blessings flow.

Discussion Questions:
1) How have you seen the Psalms point to Jesus? What examples might you give?
2) Why is it helpful to understand that the book of Psalms overall progresses from turmoil to praise? How might this be impactful in your walk with God?
3) How have the Psalms taught you to pray? How has praying through the Psalms impacted your faith?
4) How have you seen the word of God shape your life? How, specifically, have the Psalms instructed you?
5) How do the Psalms help you through times of lamenting and sadness?
6) How have you seen the cultural influence of emotivist culture influence you? What do the Psalms teach us about emotions?
7) What have the Psalms taught you about the character of God?
8) When your attention is fixed on praising God in spite of potentially challenging circumstances, how have you seen that focus on God impact your life?

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