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“A Song About Injustice”

The Songs of Our Savior

Preached by: Phill Howell | 08/15/21

Scripture/Text: Psalms 9 & 10; The big idea for this weeks sermon from Psalms 9 & 10 is that the Lord will judge the whole world justly, though often through paradoxical, even ironic means. Psalms 9 & 10 together as a single song are written about God judging his enemies. Within ancient Jewish tradition, this song was also seen as being about God's judgement of Goliath as a particularly boastful enemy of God's people. This song celebrates how the Lord even uses the seeming victories of the wicked as a means of their own downfall, just as he did with Goliath. In a more ultimate sense, the cross is the point where God paradoxically judged sin and death in the body of Jesus, that through Jesus' own death, death itself should be defeated.