August 15, 2021

“A Song About Injustice”

Passage: Psalms 9 & 10

The big idea of this week's sermon from Psalms 9 & 10 is that the Lord will judge the whole world justly, though often through paradoxical, even ironic means. Psalms 9 & 10 together as a single song are written about God judging his enemies. Within ancient Jewish tradition, this song was also seen as being about God's judgement of Goliath as a particularly boastful enemy of God's people. This song celebrates how the Lord even uses the seeming victories of the wicked as a means of their own downfall, just as he did with Goliath. In a more ultimate sense, the cross is the point where God paradoxically judged sin and death in the body of Jesus, that through Jesus' own death, death itself should be defeated.

Discussion Questions:
1) How do we read the Psalms appropriately? How do we know how to read them and what to do with them?
2) What is the purpose of being slow to apply Scripture to our own lives?
3) How have you seen God defend the weak, poor, and fatherless? How does God want you to defend the weak?
4) How do we know that God is in control even when life is challenging and it appears the enemy is winning?
5) When have you been tempted to think that God is not working?
6) How is the wicked's appearance of winning what ultimately becomes their defeat?
7) How can God allowing someone to sin be a judgment in itself?
8) How does Jesus' death demonstrate that God does not allow sin and death to have the final word in the world or in your life?

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