October 17, 2021

“A Song About Jesus’ Deliverance”

Passage: Psalm 18:1-50

The big idea of this week's sermon from Psalms 18:1-50 is that Jesus is singing praises to his Father with people from all nations of the world. Psalm 18 reminds us of the breathtaking doctrine of the trinity, God’s glorious purpose and mission to save the world, and the reality of Christ-centered unity. Psalm 18 shows God delivering David from possible death, but fulfilling Psalm 18, God delivered Jesus from actual death, the greater deliverance.

Discussion Questions:

1) Have you thought before that Jesus is singing with us to the Father? How do we know this to be true? How does this impact our relationship with him?

2) Do you respond in praise, like David and Jesus, when He works in your life? If no, what do you think contributes to that?

3) Are there times you have had difficulties having unity with others? What do you think contributed to that?

4) What differences in others do you tend to have more struggles with? Why do you think that is? What do you think would help you to love others that are harder to love?

5) Knowing what Jesus has done by dying, rising, and ascending, how does that impact our songs of praise? How does it impact how we engage with others?

6) Do you have a story that produces a song of praise? How do you respond to that story?

7) How can you make sense of the Bible if you don’t believe in the triune God? How does this knowledge impact our daily life?

8) Do we have reasons to hope? How do we know this hope to be true?

9) Do you have questions in regards to where hope comes from? Do you at times feel hopeless? Where do we go in those times?

10) Are you living out the mission of the church to make disciples of all nations? How is that going? If not, what keeps you from doing so?

11) Are there opportunities in your life to humbly sacrifice your ideas in order to love and bring unity in the church? How are you doing with that?

12) How do you see Jesus as head over all in our lives? How does that impact our lives and our praise?

13) What areas in your life do you think are a temptation to lose focus on Jesus?

14) What do you think contributes to the divisions among people and the church? What do you think unites us?

15) Are there things that I am doing to create disunity in the church or are there things I can doing to create unity?

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