A Song About Judging Judges

The Songs of Our Savior

Preached by: Phill Howell | 11/06/22

Scripture/Text: Psalm 58:1-11; The big idea for this weeks message is that we should not skip over Psalm 58 because it will reorder our feelings about injustice with the truth of God's justice. We should not skip over imprecatory psalms because all scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for training in righteousness. We also should not skip over Psalm 58 because praying for judgment and cursing enemies occurs all over the Psalms. If we skip Psalm 58, then we would need skip 27% of the Psalms in in the book of Psalms. Additionally, we should not skip Psalm 58 because Jesus, Paul, Peter, and various Christians in the New Testament speak curses and pray for God's judgement. So if we do not skip Psalm 58, then we should use to judge the anger in our heart. We should use it to pray for our nation. We should also use this Psalm to pray for the nations of our world.