December 4, 2022

A Song About Our Only Hope

Passage: Psalm 62:1-12
The big idea of this week's message is that God is our only hope, trust in him at all times. In this Psalm, David model for us and specifically instructs that we must pour out our hearts before God and silently wait for God. In other words, after we have done and said everything that can be done and said, we need to learn the practice of silently waiting upon the LORD. Then in the last two verses of this Psalm, David encourages us with three gospel truths: 1) God's power; 2) God's love; and 3) God's justice. When we believe the gospel of Jesus Christ, it should enable us to pour out our hearts to God and silently wait for God to save us. Then, by God's grace, we can truly become people who trust in God at all times.
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