January 9, 2022

A Song About Our Source of Strength

Passage: Psalm 28:1-9

In this week's message Pastor Phill showed five different ways to read through the book of Psalms and used Psalm 28 as his example. The five ways are: 1) Read the Psalms Responsively; 2) Read the Psalms Historically; 3) Read the Psalms Collectively; 4) Read the Psalms Personally; and 5) Read the Psalms Devotionally. No matter which approach we take, the big idea of Psalm 28 is that God is the source of strength for his anointed king and therefore he is the strength of his people. Since Jesus is the true Christ (anointed king) and God already heard his prayers and saved him from the pit, then all of his followers can be confident that they will receive strength from this good news. It is the gospel of Jesus Christ that becomes for us an infinite and eternal source of power for us individually and the church corporately.

Discussion Questions:
1. How have you seen God being the strength of His people? In His word and in people’s lives today
2. What is the one thing you hope in?
3. What is the one thing you ask of God?
4. Who or what do you seek for strength instead of God?
5. How does your life reflect that which you desire most?
6. What does Psalm 28 teach us about God?
7. Are there times when you come to God trying to bring something to God? What is it that you can bring that He does not already have or need?
8. How does God give you strength to help you love others?
9. How are you reading the psalms when you read them? What is your focus?
10. What does it look like in our lives to have regard for the work of God’s words?

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