April 10, 2022

A Song About Poor People

Passage: Psalm 41:1-13

Pastor Phill Howell provides the 41st sermon of the Songs of the Savior series by expositing Psalm 41. The big idea this week is that because God’s king is merciful to the poor, he will receive mercy when he is poor. The language in this big idea reflects Matthew 5:7. Psalm 41 shows us the posture of poverty (v. 1-3), the position of poverty (v. 4-10), and the king’s confidence in God’s deliverance out of his state of poverty (v. 11-12). The concluding 13th verse concludes the entire Book I of the Psalms (Psalms 1-41). Jesus Christ, the King of all, embodied verses 11-12 on the cross. His enemies did not triumph over him, and he was set in the presence of God forever. The scripture readings from our worship service were from John 13:12-20 for the prayer of confession and John 12:46 for the assurance of pardon.
Discussion Questions:

1. How does this psalm indicate that we obtain happiness? How does this contradict what our culture teaches of where happiness comes from?
2. How should you think about the poor? What would it look like to make them a priority in your life?
3. Who are the poor?
4. In what ways are you like the king, caring for the poor?
5. In what ways are you judgmental and condemning to the poor?
6. Do you ignore those that are in need?
7. What would our church look like if we together had compassion and cared for the poor?
8. How does Jesus’ care for the poor impact us in our relationship with those who are poor?
9. Is Jesus your king? How does your life reflect that he is your king?
10. How does it impact your life to have Jesus be your king?

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