January 22, 2023

A Song About Rejection and Restoration

Passage: Psalm 69

Pastor Phill preaches this Sunday (Jan. 22, 2023) on Psalm 69. The 69th sermon in the Psalm series, the big idea this week is that a passion for God will result in rejection, ridicule, and reproach, but a passion for God’s justice will result in restoration, redemption, and reverence.

In the psalm, we see that David suffers overwhelmingly and turns to God for justice. Jesus Christ, who fulfilled Psalm 69:9, overwhelming suffered on our behalf for our sins and satisfied the justice of God. Today, we can seek God’s justice as a restored and redeemed people.

Scripture Readings:

  • Romans 15:1-7 (1st Reading)
  • Romans 8:1 (Assurance of Pardon)
  • John 2:13-17 (2nd Reading)
  • Romans 15:5-6 (Benediction)
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