November 14, 2021

A Song About Silence

Passage: Psalm 22:1-31

Pastor Phill Howell’s big idea of Psalm 22 this week is that Jesus sang the song of silence so that we could sing the song of salvation.

Discussion Questions:
1. Have you asked God where He is when He feels distant to you? If not, what keeps you from asking? If so, what was the result of telling Him how you feel?

2. How do you engage with God when you are suffering?

3. Have there been times of suffering when you have not come to God? What do you think keeps you from engaging with Him? What was the result of not coming?

4. Do you sing to God when you are suffering? How did that impact your relationship with God?

5. Has there been times when you are suffering that you are tempted to isolate? When you isolated, how did it impact you? When you chose not to, how did that impact you?

6. What does it look like to confess suffering to one another within the body? How did that impact the body of Christ? How did it engage your heart with God?

7. Have you practiced expressing your sorrow to God and expressing your trust in Him? How has that impacted you? How has that impacted your relationship with God?

8. What does it look like to pray prayers of lament within the body of Christ? How does this bring unity in the body of Christ? How does it create intimacy with the Lord together?

9. What keeps you from lamenting with others in prayer?

10. How is it impactful to our relationship with the Lord to know that He has saved us through suffering? How does it impact our suffering?

11. How do we have no fear of death or fear of evil? How is that significant about that in our everyday life?

12. How do you engage with God in your shame? What occurs when you do? What occurs when you don’t?

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