June 20, 2021

“A Song About Sleep”

Passage: Psalm 4:1-8

The big idea of this week's sermon from Psalm 4:1-8 is that we as Christians can find rest in regular sleep, and ultimately in death and new life, because God has worked through Jesus, is working in the present through his Spirit, and will continue working for our salvation.

Discussion Questions:
1) Have you cried out to God when you are in distress?
2) What do you think keeps you from having rest in your life?
3) How do you think the Lord is inviting you to peaceful rest in your life and what might that look like?
4) How do you see God working presently through his Spirit?
5) Do you struggle with knowing how and when to be angry?
6) What does it look like to be angry and not sin?
7) How does silence help you grow as a Christian?
8) What is the ultimate rest that we have in this life and in eternity? How is this knowledge helpful in our present life?

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