A Song About the Joy of Judgment

The Songs of Our Savior

Preached by: Phill Howell | 09/25/22

Scripture/Text: Psalm 52; Pastor Phill preaches this Sunday (September 25, 2022) on Psalm 52. The 52nd sermon in the Psalm series, the big idea this week is when the wicked appear to win, the response of the righteous is fear, laughter, trust, thanks, and waiting. After providing the historical context of the psalm, Pastor Phill explains king David's confidence in God even in the face of Doeg's murderous pursuit. The psalmist reminds us of how God accomplishes all things (verse 9), just like how Jesus Christ accomplished his plan of salvation when he placed himself on the cross. The Scripture readings from our worship service were from Revelation 19:1-5, 1 Samuel 22:6-10, and Revelation 22:12-13.