September 25, 2022

A Song About the Joy of Judgment

Passage: Psalm 52

Pastor Phill preaches this Sunday (September 25, 2022) on Psalm 52. The 52nd sermon in the Psalm series, the big idea this week is when the wicked appear to win, the response of the righteous is fear, laughter, trust, thanks, and waiting. After providing the historical context of the psalm, Pastor Phill explains king David’s confidence in God even in the face of Doeg’s murderous pursuit. The psalmist reminds us of how God accomplishes all things (verse 9), just like how Jesus Christ accomplished his plan of salvation when he placed himself on the cross. The Scripture readings from our worship service were from Revelation 19:1-5, 1 Samuel 22:6-10, and Revelation 22:12-13.

Discussion Question:

  1. How does God’s word communicate how to respond when it appears that the wicked have won?
  2. What does Psalm 52 say is the response of His people when the wicked appear to win? How does this impact you as you engage with the wickedness and sin in the world?
  3. What keeps you and/or others from responding like how Psalm 52 responds towards the wicked?
  4. How does Psalm 52 encourage us to think about the wicked? In what ways does this challenge and/or confirm what you think about the wicked?
  5. How have you seen in God’s word and in life where someone’s tongue has contributed to destruction?
  6. What occurs in the lives of the righteous to rejoice in justice of the wicked? How does it display God’s character?
  7. What does Exodus 20 teach us on what it looks like to fear God? What does fear mean?
  8. How does God allowing people to continue in their sin display God’s justice in character?
  9. What are reasons why God and His people laugh at the wicked? What does Psalm 52 and other passages say about laughing at wickedness?
  10. How does joy come from laughing at the wicked?
  11. What are aspects of your life where you are holding onto wickedness that should be laughed at by you and God? What keeps you holding onto wicked things instead of embracing with laughter about wickedness?
  12. How can we trust God when we are struggling to trust God? what do we need to do?
  13. What kinds of things can we consistently do to help us trust God, especially when times come where we struggle to trust God?
  14. Do we have the ability to believe that God is just to the wicked and gracious all at the same time? How does Jesus’ death, resurrection, and ascension give us that ability?
  15. How have you seen God use His people to encourage those who are hurting in your life and in His word?
  16. How can we respond in thanks with God’s justice? Are there things in your life that keep you from being thankful?
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