December 18, 2022

A Song About the War of Words

Passage: Psalm 64

Pastor Phill preaches this Sunday (December 18, 2022) on Psalm 64. The 64th sermon in the Psalm series, the psalm teaches us how we are in a war, that the greatest weapon we have is our words, and the way God wins is surprising. The Word of God, Jesus Christ claims victory by dying! God in the flesh experiences death, and three days later, rises from the dead, conquering sin and death. The Scripture readings from our worship service were from Genesis 3:1-13, 15, Matthew 2:13-18, Revelation 22:20-21. .

Discussion Questions:

  1. What would it look like to follow David’s example in how we pray to God?
  2. Do we have enemies? How can we get enemies in a way that doesn’t honor God? How can we have enemies in a way that doesn’t honor God?
  3. What did Jesus mean that He did not come to bring peace? How does this impact how we live our lives?
  4. Do you believe that we are in a war? If not, what do you think contributes to not believing that you and I are in a war?
  5. What does 1 Cor 15 teach us about what our enemy is? How does it teach us how to engage with that enemy?
  6. What will happen if we don’t have faith in God when we die? How does the answer to this question impact our daily lives?
  7. How are words the most powerful weapon of the war we are in?
  8. How do we learn what we value most? In what ways do our words reveal what is in our heart?
  9. How does our sin reveal a misunderstanding and application of God’s word?
  10. How does James 3 teach us the importance of our words and how we should use our words?
  11. How are the greatest moments and the worst moments in life connected with words?
  12. How is God’s word the arrow that wins the battle of words?
  13. How have you seen God’s word impact the words in your life?
  14. How do we know that those who seem to be getting away with injustice will not get away with it?
  15. What is the way of winning the war of our lives? How is the way different than what the world says are the ways to win?
  16. What does it look like to receive the salvation that has already been won? What does it look like in our daily lives?

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