A Song About Joy In The Lord's Justice Reign

The Songs of Our Savior

Preached by: Matt Delos Santos | 06/09/24

Scripture/Text: Psalm 97:1-12; In this week's sermon, Pastoral Candidate Matt Delos Santos preaches Psalm 97, teaching us to gratefully rejoice in the Lord who rules and saves His people in power, righteousness, and justice.

This psalm is a jubilant proclamation of the Lord's reign, emphasizing His power, righteousness, and justice. The psalm, a medley of themes from the Old Testament, reminds us of Yahweh's unmatched authority over all creation and His moral supremacy. Despite potential "earworm syndrome" from repetitive themes, Psalm 97's staying power lies in its deep truths about Yahweh's nature and deeds. It recounts His mighty acts, such as the clouds and darkness from Exodus and Deuteronomy, His judgment by fire seen in the ministries of Elijah and other prophets, and His dominion over creation signified by lightning and earthquakes. The psalm contrasts Yahweh's unassailable power with His righteous and just rule, establishing Him as a God worthy of worship not by coercion, but by His intrinsic worthiness.

The psalm calls for a response of joy and gratitude towards Yahweh, who reigns supreme and preserves His people. Those who persist in idolatry are met with shame, while followers of Yahweh find gladness. The historical context of the Jewish people under foreign rule underscores the enduring nature of Yahweh's reign and the ultimate futility of earthly powers. As Christians, we see the fulfillment of this reign in Jesus Christ, whose life, death, and resurrection embody the sowing of light and joy. The sermon urges believers to reject the false gods of today and embrace the enduring hope found in Christ, whose resurrection ensures our ultimate victory and joy. Through patient waiting and faithful rejoicing, we affirm that the Lord reigns, and His justice and righteousness will prevail eternally.

Sermon Outline:
1. The LORD reigns, period (verses 1-5)
2. How will you respond? (verses 6-9)
3. The right answer: hate, wait, and celebrate! (verses 10-12)

Discussion Questions:
1. How does knowing that the Lord reigns impact our daily lives?
2. How do Exodus 19 and Deuteronomy 4 help us further understand the first five verses of Psalm 97?
3. How do verses 6 - 9 teach us how to respond to God reigning?
4. What keeps us from putting our ultimate trust in God?
5. How have we seen God preserving his people?
6. What does it look like for us to hate evil?
7. What does it look like to wait upon the Lord?
8. How does Hebrews 1:6 help us further understand what it means to bow down to Jesus?