October 31, 2021

“A Song Before Battle”

Passage: Psalm 20:1-9

The big idea of this week's sermon from Psalm 20:1-9 is that we sing for victory in the name of our victorious God. King David’s army sings Psalm 20 to him, about him, and for him. Before the battle, soldiers shout for joy as they hope God will bring victory to their king. Jesus Christ, the greater King who claimed victory over death, brings victory and salvation to us who trust in Him.

Discussion Questions:

1. What do you think keeps you from singing victory to God? What do you think contributes to that?

2. What has occurred in your (or others’) life and heart when you sang victory songs to God?

3. Where do you tend to go for help? What keeps you going to that source?

4. What do you think contributes to you or others going to other things outside of God for help?

5. When you feel incapable, where do you go? Are you willing to make sacrifices to do that? What occurred in your heart when you did that?

6. What are the reasons we sing in victory to God?

7. How have you seen God move in your life and battles? And in others’ lives?

8. Do you trust in God to win and fight your battles? If so, how have you seen God work in that? If not, what keeps you from trusting? What do you trust in?

9. What does a person’s life look like when they trust in God? What does a life look like when they don’t trust in God?

10. What chariots and horses do you believe in your life? What indicators are in your life that demonstrate you in those things?

11. How do we know and how have you seen that God has won victory in the lose-lose battles?

12. How do we know that the LORD saves His anointed? How have you seen that?

13. Are you engaged in a battle right now? Do you pray about this battle? What keeps you from praying?

14. How have you seen prayer to be a victory in your life and others’ lives?

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