June 19, 2022

God’s Grace and Jonah’s Prayer

Passage: Jonah 1:17-2:10

Embassy pastoral assistant preaches this week from Jonah 1:17-2:10. The big idea this week is that because God saved us through His judgment, we praise Him through our thanks. After three days in the belly of the fish, Jonah’s prayer shows us how broken Jonah is and how gracious God is. Jesus fulfills the sign of Jonah by dying for our sins and, on the third day, returning from the dead! The scripture readings from our worship service were from Matthew 12:38-42 and Ephesians 3:20-21. Below are the psalm references in Jonah’s prayer:

2:2 – Psalm 120:1, Psalm 31:22

2:3 – Psalm 102:10, 69:1-2, 15

2:4 – Psalm 42:7, 31:22, 5:7, 79:1, 138:2

2:5 – Psalm 18:4, 69:1

2:6 – Psalm 103:4

2:7 – Psalm 142:3, Psalm 88:2, 102:1

2:8 – Psalm 31:6-7

2:9 – Psalm 54:6, 116:17-18, 50:14, 3:8

Discussion Questions:

  1. What makes it important to distinguish between God’s ability in Jonah versus our ability?
  2. Why did Jonah wait 3 days to talk with God when inside the fish?
  3. Jonah prays as if God has already answered his prayer. Have you prayed this way before what was the purpose?
  4. When was the last time you prayed for deliverance?
  5. Is there something in your life that has swallowed you up?
  6. Why would we praise God for His deliverance?
  7. What is God’s purpose to saving Jonah and/or saving yourself?
  8. Verse 3: Is Jonah glorifying God and His power, or is Jonah being a victim?
  9. Verses 7-9: What do you think contributes to Jonah talking more about himself?
  10. How does it impact our lives to know that God remembers God’s people?
  11. Can you relate to Jonah in saying that when I get out this mess, then I will obey God? What contributes to this?
  12. How does praying selfishly often impact our relationship with God?
  13. How does regularly praying things we are thankful for impact our lives?
  14. Psalm 120:1 is quoted. What is the importance of praying the psalms in context?
  15. What impact does repentance have on our lives?
  16. Does repentance have a regular practice in your life? If not, what keeps you from repenting?
  17. What do you think contributes to us wanting to depend on God verses repenting to God?
  18. What contributes to us not wanting intimacy with God?
  19. In what ways was God gracious to Jonah? In what ways is He gracious to us?
  20. What is the importance of knowing we are saved through judgment?
  21. What does it look like to have a life regularly praising and thanking God?
  22. How does regularly thanking God impact our lives?
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