March 7, 2021

Jesus, A Different Kind of King

Passage: Matthew 27:11-44

The big idea of this week's message is that Jesus is a different kind of king and a different kind of savior. For the first time in the gospel of Matthew, we see Jesus toe to toe with a government official. What will Jesus say? How will he respond to the charges against him? What kind of leader and savior do the people want? These are the sort of questions addressed in this week's message.

1) How does the gospel impact your life in a way that is different from this world?
2) Are there categories that you have that impact more of how you live than the categories of King Jesus?
3) What kind of king are you giving allegiance to?
4) What does it look like practically in your life when you believe the gospel?
5) Is your gospel political or is it internal/spiritual?
6) How are you doing following what Jesus says to live out in the Sermon on the Mount?
7) How do we know what kind of Savior we live for and long for? What indications of that answer are present in your life?
8) In what ways is Jesus Lord of your life? In what ways is he not?

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