February 16, 2020

Jesus, David’s Lord

Passage: Matthew 22:34-46

Our message this week is the final two interactions between Jesus and the Jewish leaders in the temple. The big idea of this week's message is that Jesus is the risen and ascended Lord, and he commands us to love God and neighbor with all that we are and with all that we have. This is what we learn about Jesus from the two stories we considered in Matthew 22. We also considered 4 half-truths that hinder our growth as Christians. Those half-truths were:

1) The Old Testament is filled with rules, but the New Testament is filled with grace.
2) Jesus did not come to make us perfect, just forgive us.
3) God has more important things to care about, he does care about ______
4) The gospel is that God became man, died and rose again.

Scripture Readings:
Psalm 110:1-7
John 15:12-17

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