December 8, 2019

Jesus, The Reason To Stay Married

Passage: Matthew 19:1-9

Bible Text: Matthew 19:1-9 | Preacher: Phill Howell | Series: The Gospel According to Matthew | The 19th chapter of Matthew’s gospel begins a new section as Jesus is heading to Jerusalem where he will later be crucified on the cross. As he makes his way to Jerusalem Matthew includes stories of his journey and highlights some of the rising opposition against Jesus. Matthew 19:1-9 is the first of these stories. In our studies of this passage we decided to take two weeks to look at Jesus’ teaching on divorce, marriage, singleness, and children. This week’s message is focused mostly on the issues of marriage and divorce. The big idea of the message is that Jesus came to restore the very good plan of creation. The sermon contains three parts:

1) Jesus Restores By Healing (19:1-2)

2) Jesus Restores By Teaching (19:3-9)

3) Jesus Restores By Dying

Scripture Readings:
Genesis 2:15-25
1 Corinthians 7:6-16
Revelation 19:6-9