March 28, 2021

Jesus, The Son Who Died

Passage: Matthew 27:45-66

The big idea of this week's sermon is that all are invited into the inner circle of God's presence because Jesus was cast out for us.

Discussion Questions:
1) How does it impact you to know that you are invited into the inner circle because Jesus was left out?
2) Are there ways that you find yourself discriminating toward others within the church?
3) Have you or someone you know felt left out of the church?
4) Are you involved in discipleship relationships within the church?
5) Are you inclusive of others within the church? Are you including people that the rest of society would exclude?
6) What things or people are you looking to in order to define your identity and worth?
7) What was the purpose of Jesus' death?
8) If you knew that you already had a place within the inner circle of God's presence, how might that impact how you live and think?
9) In what ways are you tempted to try to get into the inner circle of God's presence for your own ends or through your own means?

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