March 21, 2021

Jesus, The True Son of God

Passage: Matthew 27:32-56

The big message of this week's sermon is that how Jesus died, explains why he died.

Discussion Questions:
1) How did Jesus die? How does the way he died impact our lives?
2) How does God's judgement impact our walk and journey with him?
3) How does the way Jesus died give us hope in our daily lives?
4) How does a new day point us to Jesus every day?
5) How do the new mercies we receive each day impact our lives?
6) How does Jesus crying out to God help you understand the darkness in that moment? How does this help us in our relationship with him?
7) What is the importance of us repenting of our sins?
8) In struggling with the darkness, how does Jesus' death help us clarify as we struggle?

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