March 12, 2023

The Gospel For Elect Exiles

Passage: 1 Peter 1:10-12

Pastor Phill Howell preaches this Sunday (March 12, 2023) on 1 Peter 1:10-12. The big idea this week is the prophets of old and the angels in heaven gaze at the gospel, the very gospel believers have today. The passage reveals how the Old Testament prophets and the heavenly angels gazed upon a beautiful yet incomplete picture of what would be the awaited gospel revealed in Jesus Christ. Like them, we should today gaze at the glory of the good news that has been given to us and remind ourselves daily of Christ’s transformative message.

Scripture Readings:

  • Psalm 22:1-31 (1st Reading)
  • Luke 24:44-53 (2nd Reading)
  • Romans 16:25-27 (Benediction)

Discussion Questions:

  1. How does Luke 15 help us better understand the verses in 1 Peter 1? How does this story impact our walk with God?
  2. How does rejoicing in salvation increase our intimacy with God?
  3. How does it impact our walks with God to know prophets of old and angels gaze and rejoice over Christians?
  4. How does Isaiah help us better understand these verses?
  5. What does this book and verses teach us about suffering and glory?
  6. How is it helpful to understand subsequent glories? What is it? What is the purpose?
  7. Do you long and gaze at the glory of God and His beauty? How has that impacted you?
  8. What is it that you long for? What is it that gets you up in the morning?
  9. How does it impact your or other’s journeys with God to regularly gaze at the gospel and the glory of God?
  10. How do the prophets teach us to gaze at the Lord?
  11. How has it impacted you or others when they take time to gaze at the glory of the Lord?
  12. How do we gaze at the gospel of our salvation?
  13. How does it impact our walk with God to know that His mercy is more ready to give than we are to sin?
  14. What does it look like to glory in God’s grace to you?
  15. How does Isaiah 53 and 1 Peter 2:23-24 help us understand the glories we are gazing of?
  16. How does the knowledge of knowing the Spirit of God was in the prophets when they predicted the sufferings of Christ help us better understand God and our response to Him?
  17. What does it look like to regularly marvel and the various subsequent glories?
  18. What does it look like to regularly thank God that we have been saved?
  19. How is the verses for us?
  20. How does Leviticus 19 help us better understand the passage today and how to live out our walks with God?
  21. What does it look like for us to regularly obtain our salvation? What does it look like for you to be regularly saved?
  22. How does Hebrews 1 help us better understand 1 Peter 1:10-12?
  23. What does it look like in our lives to live like we know how good we have it in God?
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