April 23, 2023

The Loyalty of Elect Exiles

Passage: 1 Peter 2:13-17

Pastor Phill Howell preaches this Sunday (April 23, 2023) on 1 Peter 2:13-17. The big idea this week is that believers are a heavenly people sent to do heavenly politics by heaven’s power.  The passage shows us how we as spiritual aliens in this world are called to be humble, serve others, and submit to everyone in varying degrees. God’s will is that our good deeds will subvert the powers of this world which is exemplified by the person and works of Jesus Christ who came to serve and save humanity from sin.

Scripture Readings:

  • Romans 13:1-7 (1st Scripture Reading)
  • Romans 8:1 (Assurance of Pardon)
  • Jeremiah 29:4-14 (2nd Scripture Reading)
  • 1 Timothy 6:15-16 (Benediction)

Discussion Questions:

  1. What does it look like for Christians to live distinctly from people in the world?
  2. How does Rev. 13 help us further understand this passage?
  3. What does it look like for Christians to be heavenly people in daily life?
  4. What does it look like for Christians to live good lives in relationships to the governing authorities already established on earth?
  5. How do we bring glory to God in how we engage with authorities above us?
  6. What does it look like for Christians to honor everyone?
  7. What are reasons and hesitations that Christians can give to not submit to authorities on earth?
  8. What does it look like to honor those that are going against God and His ways?
  9. How does Ex. 19 or Hos. 2 help us better live out this passage?
  10. How does knowing who we are as a royal priesthood, holy nation, people for His own passion impact how we honor others?
  11. What contributes to us looking down on others or not humble in how we engage with others?
  12. What does it mean for us as Christians to be clear and better in our politics?
  13. What does it look like for us to engage in heavenly politics on earth?
  14. How does how we engage in politics communicate that we belong to Christ?
  15. How does the way we engage in the world and how we submit to the authorities matter to God?
  16. What is the difference between submitting to governing authorities and worshiping governing authorities? What does it look like?
  17. What is the difference between not submitting to authorities because they are going against God vs. authorities doing something we don’t like?
  18. What does the freedom we have received from God look like when we decide to just do whatever we want?
  19. How do we use our freedom as slaves of God to submit?
  20. How do we work towards making steps to charge our hearts in the ways we respond to authority?
  21. How could Christians use their freedom as a cover up for evil?
  22. How does Jesus’ example show us how to engage with governing authorities?
  23. How does loving brothers and sisters impact how we honor everyone and the authorities above us?
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