May 5, 2019

Who Brings Salvation To the World

Passage: Isaiah 48:17 - 49:7

Bible Text: Isaiah 48:17 – 49:7 | Preacher: Nate Praytor | Series: The Unique Glory of Jesus As the Servant of the Lord | Today’s message was the second of four messages from the book of Isaiah in a series through the Servant Songs. The message was preached by Embassy member, Nate Praytor, who is currently working to lead a new church in Woodstock, IL. In this message Nate helped us behold the glory of Christ by walking through the texts of Isaiah 48-49 and meditating on the various ways this text points to Jesus’ life and ministry.

Scripture Readings:
Deuteronomy 18:15-22
Revelation 1:12-17