May 23, 2021

Why Is Jesus’ Departure Best?

Passage: John 16:4-15

The big idea of this week's sermon from John 16:4-15 is that Jesus' ascension was not only necessary, but is in fact better than if he had remained on the earth. While this is a difficult promise for modern westerners to grasp, Jesus assures his disciples in the Gospel of John that for him to leave is better because he is sending the Holy Spirit, who will work through Jesus' followers to convict the world of injustice and sin, to transform and guide believers, and ultimately to bring praise to Jesus' name.

Discussion Questions:
1) Why is it so difficult to believe that Jesus' departure is actually better?
2) How might focusing on certain evidences of the Holy Spirit detract from seeing how the Holy Spirit is pointing to Jesus?
3) How does the idea that the Holy Spirit will convict the world of sin pose a challenge to the power structures of our society? What role do we as Christians play in this?
4) How might trusting that Jesus' departure is better transform the way we view the Christian life and the goal of Jesus' mission?
5) What might it look like for the Holy Spirit to govern and transform your life?

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